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Quality, function and design: what to consider when installing new patio doors

Ecoline Windows offers top notch materials, technology and reliability in all of their patio door products and services
Your patio doors could do with an upgrade.

Patio doors serve as a gateway to the great outdoors, with its use signalling a return to the warmer weather full of entertaining, relaxing and gardening.

It may have been a few, or a good number, of years since your patio doors were installed. Maybe they don’t glide on their rails like they used to, making going in and out more effort than it should be. Or, they have seen better times as the elements have begun to show wear on the frame, glass and rails, and could benefit from a re-fresh.

Perhaps they could now do with an update.

Whatever your situation, Ecoline Windows, one of the country’s leading manufacturers and installers of vinyl windows and steel/fibreglass exterior doors and patio doors, has some things to keep in mind when it comes to installing new patio doors.

Photo via: Ecoline Windows

Quality is key

Your existing patio doors have likely been in use for a while, so it stands to reason you’d like some longevity from a new set.

The best way to address that is to ensure they are made to a high standard using top quality materials. Ecoline Windows uses high-quality vinyl which is durable and requires low maintenance.

Additionally, advancements in materials and construction techniques have extended the lifespan of these doors, with weather-resistant finishes and energy-efficient designs maintaining their functionality and appearance over time.

An example is the twin lock system, which provides a smooth locking process and robust latching with improved security with an anti-locking device and heavy duty locking hooks. These technological improvements ensure today’s patio doors meet higher standards for security, usability and durability.

Photo via: Ecoline Windows

The look

Equally as important as the quality of your patio doors is how they will look.

Ecoline Windows offers a wide range of colours and hardware options, allowing customization to fit seamlessly into any home décor. They can also blend almost any colour a client wants, and all doors can be equipped with triple pane glass for maximum energy efficiency and mini blinds for privacy.

Ecoline’s patio doors can also be purchased with internal grill patterns for a more sophisticated look, or just to match features of other windows or doors. Specifically engineered transoms and sidelites are also available and can be custom-sized to fit openings as needed.

Each door comes with a sliding screen to promote ventilation without sacrificing security. Additionally, these doors are ENERGY STAR® certified for optimal energy efficiency.

All Ecoline Windows products offer peace of mind thanks to their warranty, covering insulated glass, vinyl components, and labour for 25 years, which is a testament to their confidence in product durability and quality.

If you are considering manufactured doors to be installed, that can be a one-day job, although the order to installation process is around eight weeks since all of their doors are custom made.

Ecoline Windows operates in six provinces and more than 20 cities across Canada, including Ottawa, making it your local and reliable brand to supply and install the best variety of vinyl windows and steel/fibreglass exterior doors and patio doors (vinyl) that ensure maximum energy efficiency, noise reduction, and draft prevention.

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