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Here’s why Penticton is a remote worker's dream destination

One of Canada’s most liveable cities awaits you in the heart of the south Okanagan
With over 60% of new Pentiction residents of working age (16-65), the City of Penticton believes that career opportunities are among the biggest draws for newcomers. Photo via the City of Penticton

Sometimes the numbers alone can crystalize what a perfect opportunity truly looks like.

A four-season playground, a two-minute walk to the lake or a 10-minute work commute.

It’s these realities and more that are attracting entrepreneurs, remote workers and young families alike to the South Okanagan gem that is Penticton.

That’s because Penticton offers the ideal lifestyle: no traffic jams, surrounded by lakes and nature, with all the benefits of a big city, but without the rat race. It's an entrepreneurial city that's being recognized throughout Canada as a place to start up a business, purchase your dream home and live the good life.

“We have a really good work climate but I think it’s mostly the quality of life that leads people here,” explains Blake Laven, Penticton’s director of development services. “The environment and outdoor lifestyle aspects are amazing: fantastic restaurants, wineries, breweries and just an overall great vibe.”

The demographic landscape of Penticton is changing, with an 8% increase in children under 19. The city suggests this trend indicates that more families are choosing Penticton as their home. Photo via City of Penticton

Numbers without context are just that–numbers. However, a recently published article in the Globe and Mail brings those numbers to bear.

Known by its municipal motto as “a place to stay forever,” Penticton ranked as the 28th most livable city in Canada, out of 439 locations assessed, according to the Globe’s Most Liveable Cities in Canada 2023 rankings.

Penticton was named the third best locale in Canada for young professionals based on criteria tailored to recent post-secondary graduates who are looking for a dynamic blend of vibrant job prospects, affordable housing and an active social environment.

The city also claimed the 11th spot for entrepreneurs.

The evaluation looked at dozens of variables across 10 categories: economy, housing, demographics, health care, safety, education, community, amenities, transportation and climate.

Penticton's natural attractions, coupled with convenient access to outdoor recreation and a favourable climate, are key reasons why people are drawn to the area. Photo via the City of Penticton

Though traditionally thought of as a retirement community, Penticton boasts a local economy that suits any other career path conceivable. This is a city with a robust manufacturing sector that exports goods internationally, a renowned agriculture industry and a tourism sector that is second to none.

And all of it is supported by city staff, local business improvement groups and industrial development organizations that both promote and foster an ideal business climate.

“We like to say that we give a concierge level of service where we’re helping people go through these various processes,” Laven says. “Even if they’re not municipal processes, we have people in place who can help give advice and get businesses set up.”

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